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Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Kate Quinn woke up with her world turned upside down.  Her boyfriend of seven years has failed her.  She is awake with a hangover and has to face a dying man she has grown to love.  If it couldn’t get any worse her soon to be ex’s friend is coming at her like a freight train.  She needs a minute to breathe but cannot catch a break.  Inceptions finds Suzanne Eglington exploring a young professional woman’s yearning to be loved as she wants to be loved in an upbeat narrative filled with passionate desire and extremes of emotion.

Robert Beckham is a driving force of nature.  He is a serious, focused, well-trained, gorgeous cop who demands respect and turns heads wherever he is. From the first glance at Kate Quinn he became enthralled and knew she belonged to him.  He spent the last six years patiently waiting for the woman he wants to possess. When the opportunity presents itself he stops at nothing to keep her by his side.


Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles
by Suzanne Eglington

reviewed by Michael Radon

“Then I briefly thought about past women and quickly barred them from my brain. He was mine! He wanted me!”

Kate Quinn’s life went into a downspin in a hurry. In her late 20’s, Kate works as an in-home nurse with a family that loves and respects her while she also has to deal with criticisms from her own family, whom she still lives with. Topping this all off is Scott, her one and only boyfriend of six years who, as Kate has just discovered, is cheating on her. Kate cuts Scott off immediately and tries to deal with her problems with the help of two friends: Pepper, her headstrong dance instructor best friend, and alcohol. Scott is trying desperately to win Kate back, but what neither of them counted on was Robert Beckham, a police officer friend of Scott’s that has been interested in Kate since they first met.

To Kate, Robert is the ideal man if not a little scary: muscular, strong, passionate, independent, and madly in love with her. With a completely paid-off house and a small collection of powerful, stylish cars, Robert seems entirely too good to be true. Still, Kate and Robert’s chemistry is instant, and before long they’re consummating their young love frequently and frantically. Scott’s jealousy continues to grow however, and only two days into Kate and Robert’s relationship, he confronts them outside a restaurant with a gun. Unfortunately for Scott, Robert’s police training and protective nature for Kate ends with Scott leaving the scene in a body bag. The entire scenario leads to traumatic episodes for both Kate and Robert, with Kate suddenly fearing for her life and Robert becoming irritable when anyone else gets anywhere near Kate.

Still, with mandated time off and a need to protect and be close to another, Kate and Robert’s romance kicks into overdrive. Kate moves in with Robert and within the first week together, Robert proposes and Kate says yes. While having to explain to both families what they have planned and still getting to know each other emotionally, the couple finds plenty of time to explore each other physically. As they speed toward their wedding date, Kate can’t believe all her dreams are coming true while she conversely waits for the other shoe to drop with Robert and turn her dream relationship into some kind of nightmare.

Kate and Robert’s relationship is steamy in both its content and its frequency, so anyone with an aversion toward sexual content should look elsewhere for entertainment. Those with an open mind or know what they’re looking for will be very happy with what this book has to offer and will have plenty to fantasize about and enjoy. Kate’s story offers a fair balance of conflict and challenge to offset how amazing her life becomes once Robert becomes a part of it. This adds a solid layer of depth to Kate though the details of these two extremes of her life contribute to the fantastical nature of the story, creating lots of tension and spice for the romantic segments.

The erotic content of the book is generally straight-forward. Robert is a man who knows what he wants and what he likes, and that tends to be reflected in his relations with Kate. There are some slight aspects of domination and exhibitionism, but by and large there isn’t much on display here that lacks mass appeal. It may not be the most adventurous take on sexuality, but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in quantity, tenfold. Readers will not have to wait long before reaching the next steamy encounter. Some loose ends in the story are left unresolved, but as this is only the first installment of this series, it leaves the audience speculating on what could happen in the future, from Robert’s dark side and Scott’s friend plotting revenge to Robert’s jealous ex-girlfriend Chris. This story plays things safe most of the time, but does so in order to give readers exactly what they want. It delivers directly and repeatedly, making it an indulgence that keeps on delivering.


Pacific Book Review

Twenty-six-year old Kate receives confirmation on her worst fear that Scott, her longtime boyfriend, has been cheating on her. While in heartbroken shock, as she has devoted seven faithful years to the only man she’s ever had a relationship with, Kate can’t help noticing Robert, Scott’s buddy and the one who clued her into Scott’s infidelity.

The Irish Brit, who is definitely hands down gorgeous, expresses his concerns for Kate’s well-being and safety. Ironically, for the time that Kate’s known the buff cop, she’s never considered Robert to be more than just a friend. Yet one thing leads to the next, and before Kate realizes what just hit her, she has fallen head over heels in love with Robert. Although their whirlwind romance is a dream come true, Kate has no idea that as her relationship with Robert is taking off, Scott has sinister plans in the works.

Suzanne Eglington, in her novel, Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles, unfolds a love story with a bit of a James Bond twist. Eglington’s first person narrative features Kate, a somewhat naive gal with high morals. Obviously, Kate’s naiveté overshadows her morals when she just can’t get enough of Robert’s lovemaking. Indeed, there are plenty steamy scenes to keep erotica enthusiasts totally enthralled. Yet while audiences are mesmerized with all things sexual, Eglington slowly builds up to an unexpected and possibly unnerving next chapter in the lover’s relationship. Certainly it isn’t revealed anywhere in her plot, but if one looks closely, she foreshadows enoughinferences providing clues. Not wanting to give too much away, here’s one hint: start with Scott’s sinister plans and Robert’s James-Bond approach to protect Kate.

Aside from the continual sensual interactions between Kate and Robert, Eglington surrounds the lovers with an interesting cast of characters. Key to the structure and development of Eglington’s characters are the spellbound qualities and utmost respect they have toward Robert. With the exception of Scott, it appears that Robert can do no wrong: he is the epitome of every woman’s soul mate and every man’s machismo. That goes for Kate’s well-off parents, too! This strong connection between the cast and Robert is a driving force to Eglington’s plot as it not only provides a unique thematic underpinning, but also an incredible illusion while concurrently offering readers this constant feeling that something will go awry between the amorous couple.

Covering all of the bases of the genre romance novels with characters that linger long
after the book is finished, Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles is definitely a
one-of-a-kind erotica romance read! Indeed, if readers are unsettled by the book’s end,
then Eglington has done her job well in preparing readers for her next installment, You
and I: the Kate and Robert Chronicles.


The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Reviewed by Michelle Anne Schingler
April 26, 2016

The enrapturing pace and wanton creativity of Suzanne Eglington’s sultry Inceptions will certainly secure a hungry readership.

Kate Quinn is tired of being a good girl. In Suzanne Eglington’s Inceptions, a cheating boyfriend leads to a total personal reinvention, including the unleashing of a young woman’s sexual prowess. This is a steamy and able entry into contemporary erotica.

Hospice nurse Kate Quinn does everything by the book: she is loyal to her boyfriend of seven years; she always lets her parents know if she’s going to be late coming home. But straitlaced has left her in dire straits, and when she finds out that her supposed love has been cheating, she decides to let loose. An impossibly sexy police officer is waiting in the wings to help her do just that. With “bad, bad kitty” Robert at her side, nubile Kate goes from scrubs to sex kittened up in less time than it takes to flip a calender page.

The selling point of this introduction to Kate and Robert’s escapades is that its erotic portions are frequent and unabashed, besting many other titles in the genre in their volume and descriptiveness. Kate is not a shy narrator, if she is sometimes a silly one, prone to irrational jealousy and not entirely scientific concerns about the effectiveness of her birth control against her active libido. Such moments can likely be chalked up to the charm of her youth; Robert, only her second boyfriend, certainly introduces her to much. Her willingness to explore with very little hand-wringing sets her apart from her contemporaries in the genre.

In genre form, some narrative twists are usefully exaggerated; it is not enough that Robert is an impossibly sexy cop—he’s also wealthy from his days as an exotic dancer. It’s not enough that Kate has found someone who can match her desires, breath for breath; he must also be her soulmate, and they must seal the deal quickly. Such revelations make for delighting and consumable, if pulpy, reading. Less tempting is the couple’s quick, almost callous, ability to move on from Kate’s ex-boyfriend’s violent death. Though there’s talk of PTSD, and even a trip to the psychologist, the couple is able to return to hungry cavorting in short order. Surprising also is Kate’s quick ability to put her beloved patient’s needs behind her, once her own more carnal needs are being met.

Still, if misgivings related to Robert’s barely restrained violence can be pushed aside, and the speed of their nuptials accepted without too much consternation, the enrapturing pace and wanton creativity of Suzanne Eglington’s sultry Inceptions will certainly secure a hungry readership for Robert and Kate’s coming erotic adventures.