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In Suzanne Eglington’s Inceptions, Kate Quinn and Robert Beckham’s story hits a sweet spot somewhere between the wild passions of true (even first) love and the objective goals of modern adult dating. Though the often turbulent relationship is not by any means the first for any one of them, and perhaps because of it, Eglington is able to take readers into the realities of sexual play between serious lovers. In true adult fashion, Kate and Robert give all that it takes in the game of love that they play–and are satisfied. So will readers in search of stories that define love in this day and age.

Following her heart, Kate understood Robert was her destiny. What chance did she have against the sheer magnetism of his physical presence, the spell he cast upon her? She was enchanted by him with her eyes wide open and all she could think about is wanting more. She glanced down at the rings on her left hand. He was completely hers and she was completely his…